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All-Inclusive Maintenance

Preventative not Reactive

System Start-Up

Apex Outdoor Systems activates the water to the irrigation system and completes a Full System Inspection. During the Inspection, Apex will identify, diagnose and repair any issues.



Apex Outdoor Systems will use an Air-Compressor to blow air through the irrigation lines to force all of the stag- nent water out. This process is required to mitigate any damage due to the freezing of water in the lines.


1 x No-Charge Service Calls or 1 Hour Labour

At Apex we think that your irrigation system should be maintained regularly to ensure that it’s working the best it can, that's why when you have the All-Inclusive Package you get a Service Call on us.  There is no charge to come out for the first hour.

*Product and Material not included.*

*Labour clock starts after 1 Hour on-site*


3 x Full System Inspections

Apex Outdoor Systems will inspect the whole system. During these Inspections, Apex will identify, diagnose and repair any issues if needed. These inspections are done (usually) in June, July, and August.

*Product and Material not included.*

*Labour clock starts after 1 Hour on-site*


5% Product Discount.

Get 5% Discount on all Product and Material


**With all services Product, Material and Labour are extra**

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