• Matt Whalen

Homeowner's Guide: Lawn Sprinkler Installation

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A Lawn Sprinkler System installation can be a process, but it shouldn’t be a headache. Every installation will start the same way, with the estimate and end with you having an amazing property.

The estimate is a very important aspect of the project, since this is where you are introduced to your contractor. Your objective should not be to go with the cheapest option, this will only cost you more in the long run. If there is a contractor who provides you with a much lower price - there is a part of the system that you will be sacrificing. Most of the time the Low-Price contractor will use less sprinklers or inferior product. Do not be tempted.

Next is the Install day. First the contractor will flag the property indicating where the sprinkler heads will be placed. The system is divided into zones or stations. This is because only a certain number of sprinklers can operate at a given time due to water restrictions. Then the fun begins. The contractor will then start trenching or pulling the pipe in the ground. Then they install all the heads on the correct pipe and attach them to the valves. The valves are what controls the zones and each valve is wired back to the controller. The valves are controlled by a low-voltage wire and are always under water pressure. When the controller tells a valve to turn on it sends power down the wire to the valve and a diaphragm opens, filling the pipes with water.

Once the installation is finished and the contractor has shown you how to operate the controller. Then your system will operate on the predetermined schedule based on what your lawn and garden’s water needs are.

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Then you have to maintain it. Make sure your contractor is adept in service. Proper Maintenance is the key to making your irrigation and lawn sprinklers last for a long time.