• Matt Whalen

Make your Irrigation System 70% more efficient

We explore the different areas of what makes an irrigation or lawn sprinkler system more efficient and effective. There are a couple of factors: Design, Products and Installation practices.

The way an irrigation system is designed will have an enormous impact on how the system will operate and how long it will last. An expertly designed and installed irrigation system will last for up to 20 years, as long as it is maintained correctly. A proper irrigation design will accommodate future plant growth and proper zoning control. Plants and grass have different water requirements after all.

Product choice can also have a huge impact on whether the system will be efficient or not. Over the last 10 years there has been a massive push towards efficiency in the irrigation industry (and the green industry as whole) and water resource management has been top of mind. If you have an irrigation system that is over-pressurized it can reduce its effectiveness and increase water usage by up to 70%. Thanks to Pressure Regulation efforts from manufacturers, Homeowners now can reduce their water usage and provide their lawns with effective and efficient irrigation.

The last one is installation practices. Within the Irrigation and Lawn Sprinklers industry, there are BMP ( Best Management Practices). These are meant to ensure systems are installed with high quality, however, that is not enforced and not usually followed. A proper installation will be effective and ensure longevity.

At Apex Outdoor Systems we make sure every system we install is Effective and Efficient. Providing the best possible lawn sprinkler system is what we have built our company on.